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Our main goal is providing the best service on the market today. We want our customers to feel safe while using our website 24articles.com.

You Are Welcome to Review Our Money Back Policy.

Our clients are able to open a dispute and request the money back if there is a specific valid reason for that. Each dispute is reviewed separately by the Dispute Department. The satisfaction rate of the company 24articles.com is 93.8%; as you see, it is almost impossible to avoid misunderstandings and difficulties in the entire process of completing the order. Please read through the possible stages of requesting a dispute.

When the dispute is opened, the DD has 6-8 days to carefully review a certain case and inform the client about the most suitable decision for it. Please, mind that the deadline might be different for reviewing the case if the communication process between you and us takes longer. We request you to stay in touch with us and stay updated in order to resolve all the issues faster.

The List of Possible Cases Is Below:
“I made the payment twice”: in case there is double payment made, please contact us immediately, the support team will refund the payment that was made accidently. If we have noticed that double payment was made from your account by accident, we will request a refund for the amount you have paid instantly.

If the two identical orders are placed : the same procedure will be implemented.

“There was no writer found for my order”: we are trying our best to find the most suitable and most experienced writer for each order as per the instructions you provide us with, however, there are cases when it is almost impossible due to the certain complexity of the assignment. If we fail to assign a writer for your order, a 100% refund will be issued back to you. Also, the discount for future orders will be provided by the support team. If there is no writer found for the revision to be completed for the order, the dispute will be open and our DD Manager will review your case. We offer an individual approach to each client.

“My order was delivered to me late”: if the deadline was exceeded because, for example, you did not manage to provide us with the materials required for completing the order on time, there is no possibility to apply for a refund in this case, as according to the policy, we are able to start working on the order only after all the information is received and all the files/materials are provided. Please render all the needed information right after you are done with the order form. If the paper is delivered to you after the deadline, you can request a recalculation of the price. For example, if you have ordered an 8-hour delivery option and the paper was delivered late for more than 20 minutes, your price will be recalculated for 24-hour delivery option and you will be issued a partial refund. If the deadline for the order delivery is more than 7 days and lateness occurs, the refund of 10% of the total sum of the order will be issued to the customer as per the request.

There are certain cases when we ask for extensions because of the complexity of the paper. If you agree with the requests from your writer or the support team, you cannot demand any refunds for this order.

The order can be set on dispute only within 10 days after the work is delivered to you. Please mind that late requests will not be processed. No refunds will be ever possible for this order.

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